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I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science at Stanford University. In addition to computers and languages, my interests include travel, running, and scuba diving. more...


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I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science at Stanford University. I work with Chris Manning and Jeff Heer and am a member of the Stanford NLP Group. My research area is the intersection of NLP and HCI. I have worked on syntactic parsing, machine translation, and coreference resolution.  Naturally, my papers tend to have some Arabic.

I’m co-organizing the first Workshop on Interactive Language Learning, Visualization, and Interfaces to be held at ACL 2014. We’re trying to build an interdisciplinary community interested in the intersection of NLP, HCI, and data visualization. Join us!



Spence Green, Sida Wang, Daniel Cer, and Christopher D. Manning. 2013. Fast and Adaptive Online Training of Feature-Rich Translation Models. In ACL. [pdf] [slides] [code]

Spence Green, Jeffrey Heer, and Christopher D. Manning. 2013. The Efficacy of Human Post-Editing for Language Translation. In CHI. Best Paper Award. [pdf, with minor typographical corrections] [slides] [data]

Spence Green, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, and Christopher D. Manning. 2013. Parsing Models for Identifying Multiword Expressions. In Computational Linguistics. [pdf]

Spence Green, Daniel Cer, Kevin Reschke, Rob Voigt, John Bauer, Sida Wang, Natalia Silveira, Julia Neidert and Christopher D. Manning. 2013. Feature-Rich Phrase-based Translation: Stanford University’s Submission to the WMT 2013 Translation Task. In WMT. [pdf]


Spence Green, Jeffrey Heer, and Christopher D. Manning. 2012. The Stanford Post-Editing Corpus: Collection and Analysis. In AMTA 2012 Workshop on Post-editing Technology and Practice. [pdf] [data]

Spence Green and John DeNero. 2012. A Class-Based Agreement Model for Generating Accurately Inflected Translations. In ACL. [pdf] [slides] [code]

Spence Green, Nicholas Andrews, Matthew R. Gormley, Mark Dredze, and Christopher D. Manning. 2012. Entity Clustering Across Languages. In NAACL. [pdf] [slides] [data] *Licensing restrictions currently prohibit public release of the code.


Spence Green, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, John Bauer and Christopher D. Manning. 2011. Multiword Expression Identification with Tree Substitution Grammars: A Parsing tour de force with French. In EMNLP 2011. [pdf] [slides] *The data from these experiments can be reproduced using TreebankPreprocessor in the Stanford parser. See the README for details.

Spence Green, Nicholas Andrews, Matt Gormley, Mark Dredze, and Christopher D. Manning. 2011. Cross-lingual Coreference Resolution: A New Task for Multilingual Comparable Corpora. Technical Report 6, Johns Hopkins University. [pdf]


Spence Green and Christopher D. Manning. 2010. Better Arabic Parsing: Baselines, Evaluations, and Analysis. In COLING 2010. [pdf, with typographical corrections] [slides] [parser+preproc-code]

Spence Green, Michel Galley, Christopher D. Manning. 2010. Improved Models of Distortion Cost for Statistical Machine Translation. In NAACL 2010. [pdf] [slides] [data] [code]


Michel Galley, Spence Green, Daniel Cer, Pi-Chuan Chang, Christopher D. Manning. 2009. Stanford University’s Arabic-to-English Statistical Machine Translation System for the 2009 NIST Evaluation. The 2009 NIST Open Machine Translation Evaluation Meeting. August 31-September 1, 2009. Ottawa, Canada. [pdf]

Spence Green, Conal Sathi, and Christopher D. Manning. 2009. NP subject detection in verb-initial Arabic clauses. In Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages (CAASL3). [pdf]

2008 and earlier

Spence Green. 2004. Development of a Prescription Drug Management System (SmartPill). Undergraduate Thesis, University of Virginia, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. [pdf]

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