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Notifying Managed Code of a Native Callback

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Here’s a way for unmanaged code to notify managed code of a callback. The two code types use different calling conventions and the user cannot change the latter’s convention. Instead, use an inner class like this:

__gc classManagedClass
__nogc class UnmanagedClass
static void __cdecl MyCallback()
ManagedClass *mc = ManagedClass::GetClass();

ManagedClass *thisClass;

ManagedClass() { thisClass = this; }
static ManagedClass* GetClass() { return thisClass; }

void MyFunc() {}

The GetClass() method is a bit unsightly, but elegent nonetheless. The managed code can pass MyCallback to unmanaged code via a function pointer. The unmanaged code calls MyCallback and then MyCallback calls the managed method MyFunc(). This approach is especially useful for IJW DLLs in VC7.


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July 8th, 2005 at 8:38 am

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