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Cynthia Tucker’s opinion piece “Unhealthy tone to Obama opposition” (16 Sept.) was not helpful. It is clear to nearly everyone irrespective of political persuasion that President Obama’s election was a crucial moment in this country’s history. What saddens me is that Ms. Tucker sees Mr. Obama in much the same way as the “fervid right” that she so vigorously attacks: as a black man. But Mr. Obama’s genius is his ability to harmonize interests that have until now remained divided along racial lines. One way that he does so is to present skin color as an incidental matter. It is discouraging that Ms. Tucker has not learned from his example, preferring instead to argue that the presence of a vocal, bigoted minority is broadly instructive.

For example, Ms. Tucker cites defamatory faxes sent to Rep. David Scott as evidence of a pervasive racial undercurrent in the conversation on healthcare. But if we are to take informal sampling of one politician’s fax machine as useful analysis, then I suggest a review of Mr. Bush’s inbox over the past few years. It is likely that several unkind messages would be found. As for demonstrations, Ms. Tucker has forgotten the placards that greeted Mr. Bush in all the world’s cities.

Considering the AJC’s status as a progressive voice in these matters, one feels that an opportunity is lost when unsophisticated remarks like Ms. Tucker’s are entertained.

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September 18th, 2009 at 9:00 am

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