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Linguistic Workshop on the Mehri Language

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Having visited western Oman, and gazed longingly at the border to Yemen and the Hadhramaut, I was interested to see this workshop on the indigenous language, Mehri. From the Wikipedia page:

Mehri has 70,600 speakers in Yemen, 50,800 in Oman and 14,400 in Kuwait. Population total for all countries is 135,764 (SIL estimate, 2000). Mehri speakers are known in the region as the Mahra tribe.

Mehri Language Workshop

Date: 27-May-2011 – 27-May-2011
Location: Salford, United Kingdom
Contact: Alex Bellem
Contact Email: a.bellem@salford.ac.uk
Meeting URL: http://www.languages.salford.ac.uk/research/centre_applied_linguistics/events.php

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Language Documentation

Subject Language(s): Mehri (gdq)

Meeting Description:

Mehri Language Workshop, 27th May 2011

The University of Salford invites you to a one-day workshop on the Modern South Arabian language, Mehri.

The workshop sessions will be led by Janet Watson and Alex Bellem (Salford), Samuel Liebhaber (Middlebury College, USA), Miranda Morris (St Andrews) and Mohammed Bar Ingema Al-Mahri, from Dhofar.

The workshop will include discussions on the history of the Mahrah and the Mehri language, the position of Mehri within Modern South Arabian, Mehri oral literature, and practical sessions on the phonetics, morphology and syntax of the language.

Organisers Dr Alex Bellem, Professor Janet C. E. Watson, Debbie Hughes.
For further information, contact: Dr Alex Bellem.

Registration for the workshop is £15 for registered UK and EU students and £25 for all others to include refreshments (including lunch) and handouts.

Registration and coffee

History of the Mehri-speaking Region
(Miranda Morris, Samuel Liebhaber)

Mehri Oral Literature: Poetry, Songs, Folklore (with audio-visual illustrations)
(Samuel Liebhaber, Miranda Morris)


The Place of Mehri within Modern South Arabian
(Miranda Morris, Janet C.E. Watson)

The Dialectology and Sociolinguistics of Mehri
(Janet C.E. Watson, Samuel Liebhaber)


The Sounds and Sound System of Mehri: Introduction to Mehri Phonology followed by a Practical Phonetics Session
(Alex Bellem, Janet C.E. Watson, with consultant Mohammed Bar Ingema Al-Mahri, from Dhofar)


Mehri Morphology and Syntax; The Development of an Orthographical System for Mehri and a Practical Text Analysis Session
(Janet C.E. Watson, Mohammed Bar Ingema Al-Mahri)

Open discussion of Aaron Rubin’s (2010) The Mehri Language of Oman Leiden: Brill
(With participation by the author)

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  1. I recently discovered that my ancestors are from al Mahra. Coming across this post is such a treat, although wish I found it sooner so I could attend the work.


    8 Aug 11 at 20:36

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